Russians warned about abnormal heat in the end of the week


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

Friday in Moscow and other regions of the Western half of the European part of Russia heat waves is expected. This was reported TASS the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

Temperatures will reach 31 degrees Celsius, which is 4-5 degrees above normal.

“Changing circulation, and Friday the background temperature is 25-30 degrees. And so on until the end of the week,” — said Vilfand.

According to the hydrometeorological center in Moscow on June 23 on Tuesday, is expected to 17-19 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday, from 23 to 25 degrees Celsius. On Friday, the temperature rises to 30 degrees, the output will reach a record high for the week of 31 degrees.

21 Jun Vilfand said the Russian regions, where the temperature reached record levels. So, the extreme heat has been observed and is projected in the Asian part of the country.

Previously, scientists University in Boston, USA and University of British Columbia in Canada found that from the deadly heat can be lost more people than previously thought.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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