Scientists estimated a new outbreak of the coronavirus in Beijing


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Scientist, infectious diseases of China Wu Hao praised the new outbreak of coronavirus and urged the public to prepare for a joint existence with COVID-19 for many years. On Tuesday, June 23, he told the Daily Mail.

According to him, this time Beijing was able to quickly and effectively take urgent measures to close the city to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Scientists now know so much more than during first outbreaks in Wuhan, said Hao.

According to the publication, to control the infection, the government of Beijing has divided the city into four districts with a high level of risk of infection, and 39 — with average and lowest. It is noted that citizens have the opportunity to travel in the city districts with a medium level of risk, but they are required to measure the temperature and recorded. However, homes in which there were cases of infection with coronavirus, remain blocked.

Hao said that the world should prepare for life with COVID-19, because the virus for many years will not be able to win. In addition, he said that the virus should be regarded as the norm and to take all possible measures to prevent infection and mass distribution.

“The fact that the outbreak is localized, does not mean that the virus does not exist. We must prevent this, if necessary. That’s why we say we need to stabilize the efforts to prevent and control the virus and not to normalize our lives,” — said the scientist.

June 18, Beijing authorities decided to temporarily close the city because of repeated outbreaks of coronavirus infection. It is clarified that on 19 June suspended all passenger services with other regions of China.

On 15 June revealed that the new coronavirus found on the wholesale market, “Sinhali” in Beijing, perhaps more dangerous than it was in Wuhan. SARS-CoV-2 found on a cutting Board used for cutting imported salmon. It is assumed that infected fish brought from a closed seafood market “Zinsen”, which previously recorded a new outbreak of the virus.

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