Speaking about the cancellation of the transaction with China adviser to trump handed back


www.vsyako.netPeter Navarrette: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

White house adviser Peter Navarro passed back and denied his own words on the occasion of the rupture of trade deals with China, according to Reuters.

He did this after a denial on Twitter published President of the United States Donald trump, who said that the agreement remains in full force.

Navarro stressed that his comments in the TV channel Fox have been misinterpreted and “wildly out of context”. There he argued that the deal came to an end but a turning point was the situation with the coronavirus worldwide, in which the United States blame China. Beijing allegedly concealed the scale of the threat to the signing of the first agreement.

According to the Advisor, his expression concerned only the lack of any confidence to the Chinese side, and with a trade deal, nothing happened. In turn, the representative of the foreign Ministry of China Zhao Lijiang accused Navarro of constant lies and urged not to trust him. He stressed that China’s position remains consistent and unchanged.

The words of Navarro led to a sharp fall of quotations at stock exchanges, as the renewal of the trade war, the US and China, some economists believe an even more serious threat to the world than a pandemic coronavirus. But after the news of trump’s markets have calmed down.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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