The British captured on camera like the Loch ness monster creature


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Steve Challice

The British resident of Southampton Steve Challis during a holiday in Scotland last year took a picture of the creature in the lake that looks similar to the famous Loch ness monster, reports the Daily Record.

The pictures were taken during a trip to tour Urquhart castle on the shores of the famous lake. The man photographed the opposite shore, when he noticed the ripples in the water. He took a few pictures, and then out of the water for a moment appeared and the substance. Then it disappeared and never came back. As a result, the camera recorded the animal only on a single frame that Challis had discovered several months later when I watched taken during the trip pictures on the quarantine of coronavirus.

After the British shared a strange photo on the Internet, users suggested that it was the famous Loch ness monster. However, the photographer of this opinion is not shared. He doesn’t believe in the monster and believes that the creature he shot was simply a big fish or a seal.

The interest in photography shown by the blogger and expert on Nessie Roland Watson, however, it suggests that Callison the edited in photoshop. Himself Challis says that the photo is genuine. He noticed that the frame is not similar to the pictures of the monsters, which are abundant in the network. While he still sure that he had just caught a big fish.

The story of the creature of Nessie from the Scottish lake Loch ness attracts many tourists who want to see it with my own eyes. According to eyewitnesses, a mythical monster from urban legend has a long neck and huge body. The existence of Nessie has not been proven.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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