The Kremlin explained the differences in the versions of Putin’s article in different languages


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Differences in the number of losses during the Rzhev battles in multi-lingual versions of the article of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is a mistake. This was stated press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, reports RBC.

He explained that in the journal The National Interest an article sent for several days, while work in the archives to clarify the number of dead was conducted before the last hour — when the publisher sent the text in Russian. Peskov added that this is a more complete version of the article.

Earlier, the journalists drew attention to the fact that in the English version of Putin’s article in the journal the National Interest refers to 1 154 968 killed in the Rzhev battle. In the material published on the Kremlin website, it is about 1 888 342 victims.

Putin’s article “the Real lessons of the 75th anniversary of the Second world war” for the American magazine The National Interest was published on 18 June. In it the Russian leader also appealed to the permanent members of the UN Security Council — USA, UK, China and France and expressed hope for the imminent holding of the summit of leaders of the five countries. The President added that the world powers can and must trust each other to respond to current challenges: a pandemic of the mers situation in the world economy and protect the environment.

The head of state spoke of plans to write an article based on archival documents of the war years in December 2019. Lately, he often paid attention to these events, including the Munich agreement.

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