The man caught a fat female paddlefish


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

A resident of the U.S. state of Oklahoma caught a large paddlefish, which almost broke the state record. This is the website of the TV channel Fox 8.

On Saturday, June 20, Eric Hernandez (Eric Hernandez) was fishing on lake Keystone, and caught a female fish-paddlefish weighing 63 kilograms. His catch almost broke the state record.

A biologist from the Department of wildlife conservation Oklahoma examined the fish and said it was a female, which a lot of fat and maybe it’s sterile. He explained that sterile fish do not produce eggs, and turn all your energy in the fat and grow larger.

Earlier it was reported that the owner of the company on organization of tourist fishing Mefford out on your day off to the lake to go fishing with the family. Together with his son and wife, he was able to catch a paddlefish weighing almost 65 pounds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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