The man was walking on the beach and came across a ten-meter spine of a whale


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tony Hancock

Ten-the spine of the humpback whale washed up on the beach in Australia. Reported by ABC.

In early June, a resident of the Australian state of New South Wales Tony Hancock (Tony Hancock) was strolling along the local beach Wonboyn (Wonboyn) and came across a ten-meter spine of a whale. “I from afar smell of rot and noticed a strange object. When I came closer, I realized that this is a huge bones,” said the man. He admitted that he had never seen anything like it and suggested that the mammal was killed and eaten by sharks.

The staff of local service for the protection of wildlife suggested that the spine belonged to a humpback whale. These whales annually swim in the waters of Australia for breeding. Researcher of whales and dolphins, David Donnelly (David Donnelly) said that to establish the species of mammal scientists will take DNA samples left on the bones. He told me that each vertebra of a whale weighs about ten pounds. Find the bones of a whale are rare, so they are of great scientific interest.

In the near future a special service will export spine from the beach and sent DNA samples of a mammal to study.

Earlier it was reported that on the coast of Scotland passed the remains of a huge rare whale. Due to the discovery, scientists first managed to explore Remezova Labor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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