The robber could not sell the stolen items and returned them


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A resident of the English city of Fenton, Staffordshire, caught the robber who came to her house to return the stolen items, which could not sell. Reported by the Daily Mail.

30-year-old Wayne Harrington (Wayne Harrington) was robbed private house, when it was repaired, and escaped with a large quantity of the stolen things. Later he realized that many of them will be a hard sell. Instead of trying to get rid of the stolen property, he decided to return it.

By coincidence on the same day the lady of the house who spends a lot of time at a different location, was home. As later reported in court, the British noticed the light in the room and went upstairs. Along the way, she looked out the window and saw that the back door is damaged.

“Then she heard a sound in the kitchen and ran down the street, leaving the door open. She saw the man with two bags that belonged to her and was kept in the closet in the bedroom,” — said Prosecutor Fiona Cortez (Nicola Cortese). The robber said that he had come to help her. In this moment there was a neighbor who had learned of the Harrington.

Later the police found the whereabouts of the offender and was found in possession of numerous stolen items. In particular, the attacker stole chairs, scissors for hair, a mirror and a laptop case. When he was arrested, he denied his involvement in the thefts. He explained that he was on the road near the house and bought drugs.

Later in court the man pleaded guilty to committing theft. During the meeting, said that Harrington just a few weeks ago became a father and that he repented, and went on a crime because of alcohol abuse and debt.

The offender previously had five charges for ten episodes. Latest for theft with aggravating circumstances in 2013. Then as the victim he chose his own aunt and sprayed a gas canister in her face.

Judge Paul Glenn (Paul Glenn) said that he wanted to give the defendant the chance to solve their problems. He was sentenced Harrington to nine months in prison suspended for 18 months, 25 days rehabilitation activities and to pay the victim £ 300 (25.8 per thousand) as compensation.

Earlier it was reported that the robbers in Pakistani city Karachi, province of Sindh, decided not to Rob the courier and comforted him when he cried. Instead of trying to escape with the booty, they returned the stolen man, hugged him and shook his hand in an attempt to comfort him.

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