The Russian’s apartment for the filming of pornovecchie “House-2” was called a good thing


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Porn actress Lola Taylor (Lola Taylor, she is the Love Bushueva) called the apartment in Ekaterinburg, the tenants of which became heroes of the broadcasts for voyeurs, a good thing. On it informs TV channel NTV.

“There is so much we have students who need the money. Who should provide housing, that’s fine too. I’m sure he (the organizer of the shooting — approx. “Of the”), with all agreed. Mutually beneficial. Everyone was happy and satisfied. I have no doubt that he is a good man. I would Podnimalas it,” said Taylor.

Themselves “actors” were not always happy mandatory frequent sex with different partners. “The most disgusting that undermined my internal belief that I’m monogamous and heterosexual. And had to sleep with the girls,” said one of the participants. Most often the heroes broadcast, which was carried out in non-stop mode on a closed website, has become Russian students. They, not having a steady income, lived in these apartments for free, but with the condition that there will be more sex with the neighbors. Orgies and the diversity in the practices of welcome — fees young people in pornovecchie “House-2” dependent on the views of content on a paid Internet site.

The organizer of the broadcast was made by a British company, LP Hebert Metals. She paid the participants of the shooting from 1200 to 2500 dollars. The existence of a network of pornoparty found out because of the loud moans and screams — then the neighbors complained to the police. The Prosecutor’s office promised to check into the manufacture of pornography.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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