The Studio paid star “Inveterate swindlers” for overeating


www.vsyako.netRebel of Aislante: @rebelwilson

The Studio paid Australian actress rebel Wilson overeating. She reported about it in interview to the newspaper The Sun.

40-year-old star of “Inveterate swindlers” admitted that for this reason long time was not engaged in the weight loss. She explained that this year decided to focus on their health.

“The issue is not that I want to lose weight or to achieve a certain figure on the scales. It is something more. This is to ensure that from a psychological point of view to deal with the causes of my overeating and the reasons that I had a job where I was paid a lot of money for something that I was a lush,” said Wilson.

Earlier, the actress told how dropped three pounds in four days. According to celebrity, she was excluded from their diet of fast food, replacing it with useful snacks. In addition, Wilson stopped counting calories and focused on the consumption of sufficient amounts of fiber because it prevents cravings for snacking. The actress goes in for sports with a personal trainer, members of the staff working Castano Acero (Jono Castano Acero) six days a week

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