The UN is interested in abnormal heat in Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Voroshilov / RIA Novosti

The world meteorological organization (WMO) — the competent organ of the United Nations (UN) on the issues of monitoring the state of the Earth’s atmosphere — became interested in the abnormal heat in the Northern city of Yakutia in the Russian Verkhoyansk. On Tuesday, June 23, according to информагентствоAssociated Press.

According to the representative of WMO Claire Nullis, in this region the anomalous jump in the indicators of the thermometer was fixed before, but now in Verhojansk 38 degrees Celsius, which is critically high. It is clarified that the Russian city is located in the Arctic circle.

In governmental organizations on forecasting of weather phenomena in the “Météo-France” in France also confirmed similar temperature, TV channel BFM TV. While the Ministry said that “the peak has already been observed before in the region.”

In the Hydrometeorological center of Russia said that in the past week in Verhojansk has been registered absolute record. For example, on June 19, the thermometer showed plus 34 degrees (previously, the maximum value recorded in 2000, was a plus to 31.6 degrees), June 20 — plus 38 degrees (past the record from 1993, plus it was 31.4 degrees) and June 21 — plus 35,2 (in 1973 was only 32.9 degrees plus).

“Thus, the Verkhoyansk total for the day was a multiple champion heat and the sultry city in the Arctic circle,” explained the Meteorologist.

Earlier it was reported that a new temperature record in Siberia suggests that the rate of warming in the Arctic has accelerated. Scientists assumed that such temperatures in Verkhoyansk, do not have to reach up to the year 2100, therefore, the warming of the Arctic is 80 years faster.

Verhojansk — Russian city, located in the very North of Yakutia, above the Arctic circle. He is one of the coldest places on Earth, and a champion of the coldest cities. It is noted that the lowest temperature of minus 67.7 degrees — was registered in February 1892.

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