The wife of Andrei Kirilenko posed naked and deleted the post


www.vsyako.netMary Lopatova: @mashalopatova

Lopatova Maria, the wife of the President of the Russian basketball Federation (RBF), Andrei Kirilenko, has posed naked and posted a picture on Instagram.

“I decided to devote himself to science. I thought that the studies, scientific articles, “variables” are my speciality! By the way, the body and the organs they “bequeathed” science”, signed post Lopatova. But then the wife of the head of the RBF deleted the post.

In 2016 Lopatova said that her husband for the past ten years has the right to have sex with a fan once a year. Kirilenko’s wife also noted that similar rights, she is not, she can at any moment to receive it.

Kirilenko and Lopatova got married in 2001. They are raising four children. Before Maria met with the lead singer of the pop group “Ivanushki International” Andrey Grigoriev-by Apollonov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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