Ukraine has declared she owed hundreds of millions of dollars of Russia


www.vsyako.netBasil Bodnarchuk: SIC Media

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar said in an interview with “UKRINFORM” on owed hundreds of millions of dollars to Russia for the deployment of the black sea fleet in Crimea.

Moscow unilaterally denounced the agreement on the basing of the black sea fleet. “We believe that they should be valid, since the legal procedures were not followed, and the Russians violated international law by resorting to the attempted occupation of Ukrainian territory,” continued Bodnar.

On the question of whether Russia should pay for the occupancy of the fleet in Crimea, he replied in the affirmative. “Yes, about $ 100 million per year, but in 2014, any payments not happening,” said the Deputy Minister.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 after held on the Peninsula the referendum. Ukraine considers the territory occupied.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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