USA predicted a deadly summer


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In the US this summer can be especially deadly due to the current circumstances: coronavirus pandemic, the black death of George Floyd, a disagreement with the police, and the presidential election. On Tuesday, June 23, the Associated Press reports.

It is also noted that the U.S. recorded a surge of arms trafficking during a pandemic coronavirus — this, too, aggravates the mood of the country, because citizens don’t feel safe.

According to the American Archive armed violence (Gun Violence Archive), the number of deaths from gunshot or stab wounds exceeded the performance statistics for the past year.

According to experts of the archive, the US population is tired much of the coronavirus pandemic that rocked the world economy and forced everyone to stay for a long time of isolation. In addition, aggravated the differences between law enforcement agencies and the public.

“All so long been confused with the pandemic, and then we had such an explosion of anger and grief after the murder of George Floyd”, — said the Professor of law enforcement and criminal justice at the University of Washington James Densly. Then he said: “as soon As the door begins to open, there may well be a surge of violence.”

In the opinion of the representative of the organization against drugs Good Kids Mad City of Kofi Ademola, it is better to redirect the funding of police programs to provide housing, mental health, victims of violence. “If you invest in the restoration of justice and bring the society to what is necessary to learn to solve their own problems, more and more will notice that you do not need the intervention of the police,” he said.

Criminologist at northeastern University James Alan Fox also stated that in 2020 it was planned twice less mass shootings than the record 2019. In his opinion, the main reason is the contagion effect.

Yesterday it was reported that in the U.S. city of Charlotte, North Carolina during the party there was a mass massacre — after the fire, there are two dead, seven wounded also. According to police chief johnny Jennings, shooters were few.

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