Zamurueva son in the concrete Russian obstructing the investigation, and portrayed the grief


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The inhabitant of the Astrakhan region Galina Morozova, who is suspected of the murder of the teenaged son of dumbbells and concealing his body in concrete, four months of trying to confuse the investigation, portrayed grief and simultaneously making plans to get into politics. Details announced for NTV journalists.

In March, the woman in the image of the grieving mother said about the missing child, saying that he went to school and never returned. All this while police and volunteers searched for him, believing the boy may be alive, practiced different versions, and the testimony of witnesses. Morozov repeatedly reported that he saw the son around the house and was identified on surveillance cameras.

After the body was discovered, volunteers could not believe the death of a student. “When there was information about what might be found, still we had a feeling that might be a mistake,” — said the head of the regional search group “Liza Alert” Sergey Paramonov.

While were searching for 56-year-old Russian continued to make a career in politics and wrote dramatic social media posts. As she pondered the fate of his son, who had allegedly contacted the bad company, and wandered, and complained about heart attacks, arrhythmia, insomnia and neurosis.

The TV channel notes that, when the body was found, Morozov showed a lot of composure. On the interrogation in the Investigation Committee, she calmly answered the investigator’s questions. Later, the woman confessed to the crime, the court arrested her for two months. Law enforcement bodies consider the version about possible accomplices who helped her hide the body.

According to investigators, the murder occurred on March 5. On that day, the teenager never came home last night and returned early in the morning, which had a quarrel with her mother. She hit him with a dumbbell to the head, and he died. Deciding to get rid of the body, she has filled it with concrete under the floor in the house of his elder brother. Dumbbells and a mobile phone of the boy she threw into the river. 19 Jun body was found.

Galina Morozova, engaged in social activities in the region, was of the party “Fair Russia”. In 2016 and 2017, she stood in deputies of regional Duma, in 2019 — to the Governor of the Astrakhan region. Proposed his candidacy for the presidential elections of 2018. In his campaign commercials focused on what a good mother can be a worthy politician.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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