Data of millions of users of Telegram leaked


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

Data from several million users of the messenger Telegram was leaked. About it writes the edition “Code Durova”.

The base, which occupies about 900 MB, was on one of the forums darknet. It allows you to learn the phone numbers of nicks of users and contains the unique user IDs messenger. It is currently unknown the exact number of users whose data were at the intruders.

“Such a database (…) going through the abuse of built-in function to import contacts when a user logs on. Unfortunately, no service that allows users to chat with contacts from your phonebook, can not completely rule out such a bust,” — commented the press service of the messenger.

In addition, the company added that the measures taken in 2019, allowed users longer “Shine” your room. “After reports from Hong Kong, we have added the setting “Who can add me to your contacts by phone number”. This setting, although seriously hampered by the use of Telegram to regular users (they become “invisible” even for those who know their number), allowing the dissidents and activists of protest movements completely hide the connection between their account and phone number,” — said in the Telegram.

About 70 percent of the accounts in the database belong to users from Iran, and the rest from Russia. Nevertheless, the majority of accounts (minimum 60 percent) is no longer assured in the company. “It may say that last year we managed to significantly reduce the scale and speed of this kind of abuse,” — said the press service.

In August 2019, the Hong Kong IT professionals reported the existence of a vulnerability in Telegram that allows to de-anonymize any user. They added that the bug is already well known, and I suspect that Pro-Chinese activists have already used the vulnerability to identify the protesters in Hong Kong.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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