Determined the minimum cost of apartments for sale in Moscow


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Andrey Gordeev / statements / TASS

By June 2020, the share of apartments with pre-finished (white box) in the Moscow market of new buildings has reached 4.6 percent. Available finishes will allow the home buyers to save first of all time, said the Agency “BEST-Novostroy”, arrived in edition “”.

In the segment of apartments, the share of the white box does not exceed 4 percent, and in apartment is 7 percent, analysts estimated. The highest number of projects with this type of finish presented in Moscow in the segment of apartments business-a class. The minimum cost of apartments comfortclass trim — 6.1 million rubles, in business class — 5.7 million rubles, in the premium segment — 25 million rubles.

For comfortclass the average cost of pre-finishing is about 5 percent of the purchase price, in the classes of “premium” and “elite” it can reach up to 8 percent, determined by experts. While the fine finish takes at least three months. Experts recommend to pre-order a design project or budget, to buy the necessary materials and deliver them to the apartment immediately after receiving the keys. This can save the buyer at least another one to two months.

Earlier it became known that during isolation the Russians were thinking about everyday issues, in particular, have begun to actively build their own homes. The demand for repair and construction in may 2020 established at the level of a five-year high.

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