IKEA was accused of production of furniture made of illegally felled timber Ukrainian


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Large European furniture manufacturers are purchasing illegally cut wood from Ukrainian forests. This was reported on the website of the British NGO, Earthsight.

In particular, the Swedish company IKEA sells chairs made of beech, which is produced illegally in the Carpathians. “Illegal wood was used for the manufacture of a number of known products, including the iconic slatted chair Terje and best-selling dining chair Ingolf. Every year tens of thousands of chairs from illegal timber sold in IKEA stores worldwide, including USA, UK and Germany”, — stated in the materials of the investigation.

Illegal logging occurs due to corruption in forestry enterprises. Thus, according to Earthsight, representatives of the Forest stewardship Council (Forest Stewardship Council) related to the leadership of the Ukrainian forests, put on illegal wood special markings.

In 2017, IKEA got into a similar scandal. Then the Swedish company blamed in the purchase of timber made from illegally felled Romanian forests. It turned out that the largest owner of forestland in the region is the state company Romsilva — cut woods in violation of the law, and the forest guards do not prevent it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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