In “the billionaire of FSB” has a secret witness


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In the case of fraud into the billions of roubles of the former Deputy head of the Department “K” of economic security of FSB Dmitry Frolov has a secret witness. It is reported by “Rosbalt”, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

We are talking about a former employee of the interior Ministry. He gives testimony about how Frolov tried to prevent the operational work in respect of banks, which were under his patronage. Together with the Colonel operated its subordinate Alexey Artamonov.

The witness said that in 2006-2007, being a senior officer of the Ministry of internal Affairs, he worked on the development of banks and of the persons related to money laundering and the withdrawal from Russia of large amounts of money. Security forces have carried out operational-search measures, including in respect of “Kreditimpeks Bank”, which caused dissatisfaction among certain employees of the FSB. First, a witness was found Artamonov and gave Frolov a request to stop the operational actions, but was refused.

Then the witness invited to the meeting to Frolov. He strongly recommended not to conduct any activities against “Creditimpex”, promising otherwise trouble.

During interrogations, Frolov existence of such requests denied.

“Rosbalt” with reference to data of the investigation writes that since 2006 Deputy head of the “K” received from the owners of “Creditimpex Bank” no less than 150 thousand dollars a month for protection. Instead of Frolov protect the institution from law enforcement.

Earlier, in may, it became known that the former co-owner of “Creditimpex” Alexey Kulikov has become a valuable witness. He gives testimony in many high-profile investigations related to corruption. In particular, Kulikov told about the bribes his friend and partner Frolov.

Frolov served in the FSB from 2006 to 2013 until 16 July 2013 he was fired from the post of Deputy head of Department “To” in connection with loss of trust. The reason for the resignation was undeclared property in Italy with his family.

Colonel Dmitry Frolov and his colleagues Cyril Cherkalin Andrey Vasilyev were detained and arrested in April 2019. The Cherkalin charged with receiving bribes in tens of millions of rubles, Frolov and Vasiliev — especially large fraud. At searches in their apartments found cash in rubles, dollars and euros. The total size of the withdrawn funds equivalent to 12 billion rubles. It was reported that accumulated billions colonels were probably intending to take abroad.

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