New outbreak of coronavirus in Beijing, predicted the imminent end of the



A new outbreak of the coronavirus in Beijing is under control of the Chinese authorities. Deputy Director of the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases Feng Tsitsani predicted her imminent end, writes the South China Morning Post.

According to him, the spread of the virus has almost faded away among the visitors of the wholesale market, “Sinhali” found flash. He also noted that the disease has a low coefficient of zarahemla. “The Beijing outbreak was detected very early, and tight controls kept the spread of the disease”, — he stressed.

Despite the fact that the original infection was recorded in this market, it was subsequently several cases have been identified in any way with it not connected. For example, the couple confirmed the coronavirus, although none of them attended the “Sinhale”. It turned out that working the duties of a wife includes the procurement and delivery of products to homes and restaurants. During the operation she visited the residential complex, which is mentioned in the routes of four infected.

Due to the new outbreak of the virus in Beijing has greatly expanded the number of tests on COVID-19. Despite the fact that the government keeps the situation under control, the townspeople were warned about the risk of infection.

On 15 June revealed that the new coronavirus found on the wholesale market, “Sinhali” in Beijing, perhaps more dangerous than it was in Wuhan. SARS-CoV-2 found on a cutting Board used for cutting imported salmon. It is assumed that infected fish brought from a closed seafood market “Zinsen”, which previously recorded a new outbreak of the virus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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