Putin’s article on the Second world war caught Germany


www.vsyako.netMr Pustinliksay Nikolsky / RIA Novosti

The article of President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the Second world war caught Germany. As told the Russian Ambassador in Berlin, Sergei Nechaev, the material is being actively discussed by the German authorities, RIA Novosti reported.

“We see it, we fix it, we will, of course, to analyze,” said the diplomat, noting that this is an important and timely article, lets look at the joint, the pre-war and wartime story. In addition, Nechaev stressed the need to do everything to make this story impossible to falsify.

The important point of the article, he said, underlining the shared responsibility towards future generations and the need for efforts to prevent these tragedies.

An article by Vladimir Putin “the Real lessons of the 75th anniversary of the Second world war” for the American magazine The National Interest was published on 18 June. In it the Russian leader also appealed to the permanent members of the UN Security Council — USA, UK, China and France and expressed hope for the imminent holding of the summit of leaders of the five countries. Putin stressed that the world powers can and must trust each other to respond to current challenges: a pandemic of the mers situation in the world economy and protect the environment.

After the publication of the Director of the Department of homeland security office of the Prime Minister of Poland Stanislaw Garin said that Putin has attempted to present a false picture of the Second world war.

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