Russians warned about the dangers of tanning parks



Sunbathing in the parks can be dangerous. First of all, we are talking about ticks and chemicals, which are used to treat lawns. In an interview with radio Sputnik said entomologist and doctor of biological Sciences Anatoly Zakharov.

“Ticks carry many dangerous and serious diseases like encephalitis. And if you handle the lawn to such an extent that there remained mites, it can also be dangerous, because by itself, the chemical (…) dangerous to humans”, said the Russian expert. If sunbathing in the Park is still very desirable, it is better to put on the grass sunbed or chair, advised Zakharov.

Earlier the dermatologist Yulia gallyamova said that tanning can lead to disastrous consequences for the skin. For example, people suffering from photodermatitis, from direct sunlight may blister. In addition, you cannot combine the intake of antibiotics and tan. In this case, the skin will be very to travel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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