The author of “Game of thrones” called the timing of the release of a new book


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Writer George Martin announced a possible release of a new, sixth part of the epic “a Song of ice and fire”, which filmed TV series “Game of thrones”. He wrote about this in his blog.

The book will be released until the summer of 2021, I’m sure the writer. He noted that now is “a cabin in the mountains” and the situation contributes to the creative process. “Enforced isolation helps me write. Every day I spend long hours on the “Winds of winter”, and see in case steady progress… It will be a great book, and I still have a long way,” said Martin.

According to the author of “Game of thrones”, he got very upset when the Congress of science fiction writers CoNZealand moved in the virtual space and he was unable to attend. However, Martin says that he is ready to go next year. “And I hope that by the time the pandemic COVID-2019, and “winter Wind” will be completed,” he writes.

“Winter wind” must be the penultimate part of the epic “Song of ice and fire”. Fans expected that the novel will be released in 2014-2015, but Martin kept postponing working on it.

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