The court dismissed the complaint for the arrest of chief rival Lukashenko


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The Central district court of Minsk rejected the complaint of lawyers on arrest of the former Chairman of Belgazprombank and main rival of Alexander Lukashenko, Viktor Babariko. About this informed portal his defenders Dmitry Laevsky and Alexander pylchanka has.

The meeting was held behind closed doors. Claims lawyers concerned of the fact that Babariko and his son would not let the lawyers first in the state control Committee (SCC) in for questioning on the day of the detention and then in jail. Permits office of the KGB will not accept requests, referring to the epidemic of the coronavirus and the restriction of visits.

“In this regard, I filed to the Prosecutor General for the third this week against obstacles in providing legal assistance,” said Laevsky, and added that this time he points to systematic violations. However, the Supervisory authority still has not responded to the previous two complaints.

Victor Babariko detained June 18, in the case of “Belgazprombank”. He is charged with the creation and leadership of an organised crime group whose aim was the conclusion of hundreds of millions of dollars abroad. Together with Babariko detained and his son Edward, the head of his campaign headquarters, and another 20 people.

Due to the arrest of Babariko across Belarus started the protests, people take to the streets and going to a live circuit. People also demanded the release of yet another potential Challenger to Lukashenka, blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, detained in late may. Tikhanovski had to give place in the presidential race, his wife, since he was first detained at the first stage of preparations for the elections.

Election of the President of Belarus will be held on 9 August. At the moment the country ended the collection of signatures for the right to register as a candidate candidates for the presidency were required to collect 100 thousand. At the headquarters of Babariko reported that they 426 thousand signatures, and they can work without a candidate. The stage of check of signatures will end on 14 July.

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