The mother of the dead Chechen apologized to Kadyrov, for the version of domestic violence


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The mother of the dead Chechen Madina Umaeva Director Davletmirzayev apologized to the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov for the version of the death of her daughter from domestic violence. Her statement was made in a live private broadcasting channel “Grozny” on the evening of June 23, says “the Caucasus.Realities”.

23-year-old Umayev died June 12 in the village of Friendship in Gudermes in the house of her husband. She was buried the same evening. On June 20 under the decision of the Investigative Committee at the request of relatives, who insisted on the version about violent death of the girl was exhumed. Davletmirzayev said that on the day of the death of her daughter from the home of son-in-law was shouting. In addition, Umaibou was not chronic diseases to die from them.

On the shroud of the deceased found traces of blood, which took over the in vivo bleeding. In the words of the Prosecutor of Chechnya
Sharpuddi Abdul-Kadyrov, this is due to the decomposition of the body.

As writes the edition, the story has been shown meeting in the city of Gudermes. It Kadyrov announced the results of the autopsy Umaibou. According to him, the results of violent death were found. The head of Chechnya demanded to know about the primary source of information about the violent death of Umaibou. “We know who called, the Investigative Committee will issue a resolution, the FSB will take the printout,” said he.

Kadyrov ordered to take Davletmirzayev three granddaughters and send them to the father, VISHAGI Hamidov.

In early June, Kadyrov instructed to allocate 207 suitors facing financial difficulties because of the pandemic of the mers of funds to purchase brides. They will receive 50 thousand rubles for the marriage ceremony according to Muslim tradition, it provides for the payment of the bride price money in the end give the girls.

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