The Museum of the Victory in Moscow released into the sky 200 pigeons


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Korobeynikov / RIA Novosti

In different cities of Russia on 24 June was held a commemorative event “Dove of peace”, in which, in particular, the walls of the Moscow Museum of Victory on Poklonnaya hill in the sky has released 200 birds. About it reports on Wednesday, June 24, the “FederalPress” with reference to Director of the Museum Alexander Student.

“Dove — perhaps the most recognizable symbol in the world. This action became our gratitude to the war heroes who defended independence of our Motherland and gave us today’s happy life. We want to remind everyone about the value of peace and the need to preserve it for future generations,” he said.

In addition, the Museum has prepared a Victory and the other shares to June 24. Towards evening the sky will be illuminated by the rays of the approximately 240 spotlights in memory of a very similar campaign, which took place exactly 75 years ago. These activities were in addition to the Victory parade in Moscow.

Parade on red square June 24, at 10:00, it lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. The event consisted of three parts: the passage of the foot of the columns, the passage of military equipment, and then the passage of air. The parade was attended by about 14 thousand troops, the square was done about 20 samples of new military equipment.

Traditional celebrations in honor of Victory day was moved to may 9 due to the situation with coronavirus pandemic on June 24. According to the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the day it is declared.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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