The plane crashed in Pakistan due to the conversation of pilots about the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhotos from the scene of proisshestvie: Akhtar Soomro / Reuters

The pilots of a Pakistani plane that crashed in preparation for landing of the liner discussed the pandemic coronavirus. Distracted by the dialogue, they staged a plane crash, said the Minister of aviation of Pakistan Ghulam Sarwar Khan (Ghulam Sarwar Khan), introducing the initial report on the disaster. His words leads Reuters.

Khan claims that the plane was not identified technical problems and the pilots were completely healthy and went on another flight for them. They started to plant side from a great height, as they repeatedly warned the managers, was advised to go to the second round. But one of the pilots replied, “I’ll manage” and control the airliner continued to discuss the coronavirus.

“A few warnings about speeding, lack of chassis and the approach to land have been ignored. The landing was made with landing gear retracted. The plane touched the surface of the runway”, — said the Minister of aviation, adding that the pilots were talking about the coronavirus, because the pandemic has touched their families.

Reuters reports that it has reviewed the report on the crash, but the information on the dialogue, voiced by the Khan, is not found.

22 may it became known that the airline Pakistan international airlines crashed at Karachi when landing. The Airbus A320 performed a domestic flight from Lahore. On Board were 90 passengers and eight crew members. Survived by two people. In addition, the plane crash was destroyed five houses and several cars. Recorded victims whose houses have collapsed airliner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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