The Russians considered the holiday season a threat to the health



Russian tourists believe that travel abroad and within the country after the pandemic coronavirus can still be hazardous to health. This is evidenced by the results of the research service for travel planning OneTwoTrip, arrived in edition “”.

According to the findings, almost half of Russians, 45 percent, it is sure that the journey is still dangerous for health, and it is necessary to observe all precautions. In this regard, many intend to take advantage of travel private transport.

In addition, 79 percent of respondents are ready to comply with masono-glove mode during air travel and travel by rail — despite the fact that every second notes that it is uncomfortable and difficult. Almost all the tourists believe that carriers themselves should provide passengers with remedies.

23 June it was reported that tourists after the recession of the pandemic, care should be taken to plan a vacation, as the process of introducing and removing restrictive measures is unpredictable. The real danger of booking trips lies in the fact that the authorities of any country may at any time declare a mandatory quarantine for visitors and generally to deny entry to citizens of some States. Moreover, if the traveler refuses the flight, the airline will hardly give him the money spent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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