The United States has issued duties on European goods with a volume of three billion dollars


www.vsyako.netPhoto: ROBERT PRATTA / Reuters

The US has drafted a number of new duties on European goods in the amount of about $ 3.1 billion. About it reports “Interfax”.

Office of the U.S. trade representative announced that the 100 percent duty may be imposed on 30 of goods from the European Union, including coffee, chocolate, spirits, and olives. In addition, tariffs on goods, duties on which constitute 15 to 25 percent will be significantly increased.

These measures are considered as a response to the United States to subsidise the European Union’s aerospace companies. According to experts, they can lead to full-scale trade war between the United States and the EU.

Previously, the EU requested authorization from the world trade organisation (WTO) for the imposition of duties in the amount of 11.2 billion dollars on American goods. The WTO will make a decision regarding a retaliatory trade tariffs of the EU against the United States in July. The losses incurred by not only Boeing, but the coal producers, farmers and fisheries.

The United States accused a number of countries in the EU of violating WTO rules under the subsidies of the Corporation Airbus, which allegedly did the damage to Boeing Corporation, and levied duties in the amount of 7.5 billion dollars some European goods. The European Union has put forward a counter-accusations, claiming that due to illegal subsidies to Boeing from the US one gets a competitive advantage in the international arena.

Taking protectionist measures, the administration trump imposes duties on products from all over the world. 2017 waged a trade war between Beijing and Washington. However, in early 2020, the parties entered into a truce. In the first phase of the trade agreement, China has agreed to buy the American side of the goods and services to $ 200 billion. USA in response refused to restrictions on Chinese imports. Due to the deterioration of relations on the background of suspicion of the U.S. in China the spread of coronavirus truce in the trade war was threatened.

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