The US is facing a severe shortage of “mobile butchers”


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In the United States and Canada on the background of the meat crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, and the meat industry is undergoing major transformation. About it writes Reuters.

More and more consumers in North America tend to buy meat directly from farmers, because their prices are lower than in stores. The reason for the current rising cost of meat retailers in the closure of some factories due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The result was an acute shortage of “mobile butchers” — they arrive at a farm and engaged in the slaughter of cattle in order. Their number is constantly growing: in recent years the number of such enterprises doubled.

Due to the growth of demand for such services the United States and Canada are faced with the need to change the rules of slaughter. Under current law, invited the butchers to slaughter livestock only under the condition that the meat then go to personal needs. For slaughtering animals for further sale of meat need to invite veterinary inspectors. However, farmers indicate that neither the United States nor Canada has no sufficient number of inspectors to cover the current demand. In this regard, they urged the authorities to change the current rules.

“There are cattle, there are clients who are willing to buy meat, but our hands are tied. If “mobile butchers” could come to the ranch and killed their meat would be legal to sell, it would help [the industry],” said the owner of a farm in Alberta, Allan Mein (Allan Minor).

In may it became known that the meat was inaccessible for ordinary Americans, it has become a food for the rich. The country decreased the amount of meat processing, this is reflected in the assortment of grocery stores, the shelves began to empty. Wealthy people started buying organic meat, which can cost several times more than usual.

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