Trump threatened to put Bolton in jail and to confiscate his money


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The US President Donald trump said that his former adviser John Bolton should be in prison, and his money should be confiscated. About this American leader wrote in his Twitter account.

Such punishment, according to trump, must follow the disclosure of his former adviser of classified information with the aim of making a profit. The President also noted that regret the moment when I forgave Bolton.

In another recording head of the White house claims that it is written by former Advisor to the book “the Room where it happened” is his own opinion. Trump also added that he believes Bolton are stupid.

Earlier it was reported that Bolton was prepared under oath to confirm his words about what a President Donald trump asked the leader of China, XI Jinping, to help him get re-elected. According to him, can do all, who were present at the meeting of the two leaders.

John Bolton, former adviser to the President on national security, was dismissed from the American administration in September 2019, then trump said that he and many members of his team disagree with many of the policy proposals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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