Urgant made fun of the mask Kokorin crocodile for tens of thousands of rubles


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @kokorin9

TV presenter Ivan Urgant ridiculed forward “Sochi” Alexander Kokorin, who published the photo in alligator cost about 30 thousand rubles. A fragment of the issue published on the YouTube channel of the program.

Showman said that, according to the act of the player, the coronavirus is now dangerous not only for people but also for crocodiles. Urgant also questioned the need to purchase. According to him, Kokorin could attach straps to their moccasins.

Co-host Urgant, Dmitry Khrustalev spoke in defense of Kokorin. The broadcaster added that player as a law-abiding citizen changes his mask every two hours.

The photo in expensive mask Kokorin published June 22. The product is made in elite Moscow Atelier. The accessory has a replaceable filter and on the right is decorated with a small silver inscription “K. 9”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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