A five year old girl found on the beach the world’s largest poisonous jellyfish


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dom Faux

A five year old girl from the UK was walking on the beach with my dad and stumbled upon a six-foot hairy cyanea. Reported by the Daily Star.

Sunday, June 21, a resident of Wales, the House of Fox (Faux Dom) was walking with his five-year-old daughter Erin (Eryn) on the local beach. Suddenly the girl saw a huge shadow on the sand. When she came closer, he saw a giant jellyfish took over on the shore. Fox reported that the length of the lanei was at least two meters. This type of jellyfish is considered the largest in the world.

The man was afraid to let daughter close to poisonous jellyfish, but she asked him to do a photo for memory. “Everyone I showed the picture I was in shock. I hope Erin will remember this day for a long time,” admitted House.

After the publication of the photo online the man began to receive many comments from amazed by the size of the jellyfish users. Some even theorized about the alien origin of the creatures.

Found Erin and the House of Medusa, hairy cyanea, often compared to a lion’s mane due to its enormous size. In summer, these jellyfish are found in UK waters grow to two and a half feet in length.

Earlier it was reported that on the full of people beach in the United States made a huge poisonous hairy cyanea. The staff of the local Department of wildlife conservation and recreational areas had to declare purple warning, meaning that the water is a dangerous animal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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