A leading Chechen kingpin moved to Moscow


www.vsyako.netAhmed Shali Photo: primecrime.ru

A leading Chechen kingpin 39-year-old Ahmed Dombaev, known as Ahmed Shali moved to Moscow. About it reports “Prime Crime”.

According to the Agency, the authority brought to the capital a convoy of armored SUVs and sedans Executive class. Together with Ahmed szalinski from Chechnya arrived, his entourage and security. In Moscow, he will coordinate the activities of their near-criminal compatriots.

Chechen thief elected to the role titled Ambassador on a par with the leaders of Georgian and Azerbaijani Diaspora in Moscow: Badri koguashvili, who is called the successor Shakro Young (Zachary Kalash) and Ali Heydarov, who is also the albert Redhead.

“Prime Crime” notes that generals of the criminal world legally residing in Moscow, ceased to enjoy the confidence of their colleagues, are forced to escape from prosecution abroad. Authoritative “Muscovites” is associated with special services as they were not affected by the new article of the Russian Criminal code providing for sentence for the possession of the status of the thief in the law.

“Antivirusa article still has not been charged with any of the Moscow thief in the law, including the first ten of those who really is at the top of the criminal hierarchy and manages all processes. Basically, the objects of application of the new article become a regional thieves middling and former thieves, actually lost influence and the title,” — said the “Prime Crime”.

In the fall of 2019 Ahmed Shali was released from prison in the Chelyabinsk region, where he had served a ten-year term. It has the potential over time to gain control over the criminal world of Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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