Arrested for collecting beetles in Sri Lanka have complained of the omission of Russia


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Arrested in Sri Lanka for collecting beetles employee of the Rostov zoo Alexander Ignatenko and two other defendants in the case were without the help of the Russian Embassy in the judicial process. About it reports channel 360, citing the words of lawyer Ignatenko George Sukhova.

Defender Ignatenko noted that on the eve of the first meeting, on July 2, scheduled the continuation of the process. The lawyer said that two of the defendants changed the measure of restraint, they were sent into custody. Alexander is in the hospital, too sick due to the aggravated in prison of stomach ulcers.

According to Sukhov, the Russians did not provide interpreter, which is difficult for them to understand the essence of the charges. In addition, detainees complain about the inaction of the Russian diplomats.

“We demand from the Embassy help, but real help there. What is happening, it’s scary. Without the help of the Russian Federation is impossible,” — said the lawyer. He added that only the Russians have counted 200 illegally seized beetles. The defense believes that such cases in Sri Lanka is nothing like an organized system of extortion of money from foreigners.

12 may it became known that Ignatenko has been put in jail for collect beetles in Sri Lanka. The Russians claims that this happened in his territory, and no laws he has violated. Thus the island is forbidden to pick up even the leaves.

According to Ignatenko, he found insects on the eve on the track and forgot to put from the pocket. When Park workers found the bugs, the man immediately took away the phones, cameras and a passport. It, along with other Russians locked in prison without a possibility to call relatives or a lawyer.

The room Ignatenko at a local hotel found the other animals, and then held court. Arrested then released on time bail because of the epidemic coronavirus infection. With Ignatenko require to pay a fine of 3 million rubles, otherwise the Russians could face 40 years in prison.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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