Awarded Roosevelt the Hero of the Soviet Union died in hospital


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In the Suburban town of Balashikha, in the hospital of the Federal service of national guard troops (FSWG) of Russia has died a hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Voloshin, celebrated this year the 100th anniversary. On Thursday, June 25, “the” has informed the official representative of Regardie Valery Gribakin.

According to the security Agency, renowned veteran in recent years has been sick. He suffered from a number of chronic diseases and recurrence obtained in the years of the great Patriotic war wounds. In battles with the Nazis Alexei was Voloshin was wounded six times. His courage said former U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, who gave in 1944 he and a few Soviet officers with the medal of “Silver star”.

Alexey Prokhorovich Voloshin served in the 10th (later of the 181st Stalingrad) infantry division of the NKVD, the commander of the artillery units. He took part in the Stalingrad and Kursk battles, the battle for the Dnieper bridgehead, the release of Yelets, Chernigov, crossing of the bug. There he was wounded for the sixth time — and after recovering was sent to the Artillery Academy. The flag bearer of the Academy, major Voloshin took part in the Victory parade 1945.

On 23 June it was reported that the renowned veteran gave parting words of the soldiers Regardie — participants of the military parade 2020 and wished them good luck in the service.

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