Babysitter wanted to do the child lesbian and shocked parents


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Amanda Voisard / Reuters

The lady Reddit with nick martinivibes said that he had fired the nanny, who wanted to make her child a lesbian. She noted that 17-year-old girl was a fierce defender of the rights of the LGBT community.

The woman said that she and her husband have two children, a boy and a girl with whom someone has to spend time while they are at work. Parents hired for this daughter of his friends. Martinivibes said that after some time her daughter began to say “strange things”. “Mommy, the babysitter told me why I must love girls”, — quotes the words of the daughter of the author of the post.

Later nanny told the mother that her daughter might be a lesbian, which threw the mother into shock. Also, she noted, watching the girl cut YouTube show about LGBT people that could “arouse in her feelings.” The son was playing alone in another room. On hearing this, the couple refused the services of 17-year-old nanny. In response, the girl said that would have lost her job if it wasn’t a lesbian.

In the comments, Reddit users supported the decision of the heroine. In their opinion, the behavior of the nurse was unacceptable because a six year old girl too young to know about sexual orientation. They also drew attention to the fact that she left the second baby alone, but had to follow him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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