Blacks in the United States will be allowed to walk around without masks


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dustin Chambers / Reuters

Black Americans living in Lincoln County (Oregon), not allowed to wear protective masks, “if they are afraid of persecution.” It is reported by CNN.

Lincoln County requires that most of the residents wore masks in public places, indoors or on the street because of the pandemic, COVID-19. However, African – and Latin-Americans have experienced discomfort because of such instructions: different activists in the US told CNN that because of the masks color perceived as criminals. According to human rights activists, due to the racist prejudices — the district’s population is 90 percent white people.

In addition to the racial minorities, the wearing of masks will release the disabled, the sick people whose breathing is difficult, and children up to 12 years. It is noted that the authorities still recommend that children 2 to 12 years to cover her face.

The TV channel said that the death rate from complications of pneumonia COVID-19, much higher among the black population. According to the latest data, it is 2.3 times higher than other U.S. residents.

June 23 in the United States predicted that this summer can be especially deadly due to the current circumstances: the pandemic of coronavirus, the protests caused by the death of a black George Floyd, disagreements with the police, and the presidential election. It is also noted that the country recorded a surge of arms trafficking during a pandemic coronavirus — this, too, aggravates the mood of the country, because citizens don’t feel safe.

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