Disclosed rules for the selection of swimsuit for tanning in the country



British fashion expert and journalist Fieldsend Clemmie (Clemmie Fieldsend) revealed the rules for the choice of swimsuit for tanning in the yard of a country house. Its recommendations cites The Sun.

According to the specialist, for the specified holiday vacation, you should not choose too candid model, even if the perimeter of the area enclosed by a high fence. “Don’t wear a Thong if you don’t want the neighbors considered your pale body,” explained Fieldsend. Instead, she offered to give preference to shorts with a high waist.

For the same reason, experts advise to abandon the popular celebrity trend underboob, implying the denudation of the lower part of the chest. “Underboob is sexy, but remember that some parts of your body not used to the outdoor sunlight and can get sunburned more easily”, says she.

In addition, Fieldsend recommended to abandon jewelry while tanning in the country, and also to use a swimsuit instead of a top to exit to the nearest store.

In June, the canadian supermodel and activist with the disease vitiligo Winnie Harlow shared in social networks video, which floats in a revealing swimsuit. Posted the video 25-year-old Harlow posing in the pool in a bikini of transparent fabric, which shines through her chest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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