Dr. Myasnikov was convinced the phrase “who should die — die”


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Head physician of Minsk hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov, the famous Russian viewers as a doctor, a butcher, commented on the situation with deaths from coronavirus and is personally convinced of the actual loyalty to his phrase that “who should die will die”. His thoughts specialist published in the Telegram-channel.

According to him, the global mortality rate from coronavirus were less than expected in the worst case scenario. However, the doctor noticed that so far, no effective treatment against the virus there, so currently people will continue to hurt, and some of them die.

“You bullied me for the phrase “who should be sick — ill, and who ought to die — die.” (Although I was there about the philosophy of calming fatalism.) But if soberly to think, then and there,” — said Myasnikov. According to the doctor, the elderly and risk groups with a limited life expectancy still “unable to fill up the sad statistics”.

The expert has noticed that from-for a serious fight with the coronavirus there is a threat of aggravation of other dangerous infections, as people are left without a planned vaccination. Butcher added that many died from exacerbation of chronic diseases, when medical aid was late.

“Viral infections have its cycle from the turbulent debut to the gradual inevitable decline in activity and pathogenicity. And again “all who should — have been ill and who should die, alas, you die”, it may think it is necessary as that on another?” asked butchers, criticizing the action taken.

According to him, the global community should reconsider the threat of coronavirus for humanity and look at the health situation wider, taking into account all factors: health, economic, political.

Previously butchers had commented about the death of Russian doctors from the coronavirus. He stressed that the treatment of patients with a new infection in hospitals is more dangerous and is unequal duel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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