Electric chair strangled the pensioner


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Leon Neal / Reuters

In the UK a pensioner was strangled with his own electric chair lift. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The body of 93-year-old Edvard Steiner (Edward Stainer) was found by his grandson David Clarke (David Clarke) in their house in Basingstoke, Hampshire, last November. The pensioner was lying on the floor on the back under the seat next to him was remote.

Forensic experts determined that the veteran of the Second world war fell, accidentally pressed the button on the remote control and the footrest crushed his neck. Soon Steiner was suffocated.

Clark argues that lived with my grandfather about ten years, and all this time he had the chair he inherited from other people. A few weeks before the death of a pensioner, the mechanism started to act up: the remote is not triggered from the button. However, three weeks before the incident the panel was fixed.

According to the grandson, Steiner moved independently with a Walker and the nurses helped him to climb on a chair and on the bed. However, sometimes a man tried to do it yourself.

The coroner Jason Pegg (Jason Pegg) as the cause of death of asphyxia. Hearings continue.

Earlier it was reported died as a result of the visit to the cinema the British. Man stuck in a folding chair, and panicked. He had a heart attack a week later he died in hospital.

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