Father ate expensive aquarium fish son, and brought him to tears


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In Indonesia, the man ate for dinner, aquarium fish and was brought to tears of its owner. It is reported by Asia One.

In 2016 a resident of Indonesia Bayu (Bayu) bought an expensive fish the arowanas. The man paid for it 800 thousand Indonesian rupees (nearly four thousand). When the pet has grown to 80 centimeters in length, and it outgrew the aquarium. Then Bai decided to move the fish to my parents house because they had a larger aquarium size.

Over time, father Bayu bothered to care for the fish, as she had to follow a strict diet. Then the man decided to get rid of the pet of the son, and roasted him for dinner. About that Bay learned from his brother, who on June 7 sent him a message with photos of the cooked fish.

The news shocked Hush. At first he was very upset, but soon felt relieved when I found out that all but the father, refused to eat the Aravan. He told about it on his page on Instagram, where netizens expressed sympathy.

Aravana is a tropical freshwater fish that is distinguished by its beautiful Golden color. Previously, these fish were eating, but over time they recognized endangered and they become decorative. Platinum Aravan are the most expensive aquarium fish in the world.

Earlier it was reported about the cat who sat alone in the apartment for 40 days and ate all aquarium fish. It happened after her owner was hospitalized with coronavirus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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