Found biological parents taken in Moscow surrogate children


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Elena Gorbacheva / “Kommersant”

The biological parents discovered in Moscow five babies born to surrogate mothers, found. They plan to deliver from China to Russia. This was announced by the Commissioner for children’s rights in the capital of Yaroslavl Olga. Her words leads edition “Rise” in your Telegram channel.

“Contacted the Chinese Embassy, is attracted to the biological parents. I understand that will be resolved the issue of delivery here of the biological parents. If everything is legal, biological parents will receive their children,” said Yaroslavsky. She said that the children surveyed chief pediatrician of Moscow Department of health, threats to their life and health no.

Five crying babies, the youngest of which was born just a few days ago, found June 23 in a Moscow apartment. With children was Babysitting, a citizen of China, and another woman who is likely to be a surrogate mother one of the children. During the search they found the paperwork to adopt two babies in the Chinese language.

According to preliminary data, father surrogate children of one mother — to a miscellaneous. Children had not been evacuated in China due to restrictions related to the spread of the coronavirus. Upon detection of infants, a criminal case on human trafficking.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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