Germany was going to become a hegemonic power in Europe



On the background of the pandemic coronavirus Germany, which in recent decades has refused to take a leadership role in the region, decided to review their policy and was going to become a hegemon in Europe. This writes the Politico.

As notes the edition, at the end of the cold war, the German government has long tried to strike a balance in its relations with the rest of Europe, USA and Russia and not to try to occupy a leading position. However, even before the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, this strategy has shown to be ineffective after Berlin, on the one hand, faced with problems in relations with the administration of new U.S. President, and on the other hand, with the growing influence of China and the aggressive behavior of Russia. With the beginning of the spread of new infection in European countries the need for revision of such policy became more evident.

If earlier, the European countries could seek the assistance of Washington or Beijing, from the beginning of the pandemic, they have actually lost this opportunity: the United States demonstrated a convincing response to the crisis, while trust in China has significantly weakened because of the reports about his attempts to conceal information about the coronavirus. In the end, European States have realized that I can only rely on the EU, primarily to Germany.

Germany, notes Politico, is not only the strongest economy of the region and the country with the largest territory and population in Europe. In addition, of all the European countries she was able to give the most adequate response to the threat of the spread of coronavirus and has shown good results in the fight against infection, particularly compared to the US or the UK. “Is Europe ready to make Berlin even more strengthened control? The short answer is: it is simply no choice”, — writes the edition.

So, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who before the start of the pandemic was mainly focused on the search for a successor, now intensified efforts to unite Europe, despite the fact that in previous crises, on the contrary was inclined to regard the EU as a structure hindering the Berlin. In particular, during one of his speeches, Merkel said that Germany the time has come to intervene in the situation in the region. The Chancellor said that from now on the help of Europe will be Central to the national interests of Berlin.

According to Politico, Merkel has already approved the creation of a Fund volume of 500 billion euros to support the economy of EU countries affected by the coronavirus. “To a pandemic, such a move would have been impossible”, — says the publication. In the future, according to experts, the Chancellor expects to take a number of measures which, on the one hand, will contribute to the preservation of the unity of Europe, and on the other hand, will strengthen Germany’s position in the region. In particular, we are talking about the revision of the competition rules in the EU and the creation of the security Council of the European Union.

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