Guests talked about the most wild cases at weddings


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Ajlposh a Reddit user invited other users to gather in one place all the wild incidents they have seen at others ‘ weddings. The post received 77 thousand approving assessments, scored more than 21 thousands of comments that guests of the weddings described the ridiculous and bizarre situation at the ceremonies.

So, the user S-D-J remembered how the pastor during the wedding all the time saying, “Our divine father, our daddy God.” Yet-another-dave remembered several stories, one of which the groom had dirty dancing with my half-mother, putting her hands on the buttocks. And MiceRekei attended the wedding, which at first seemed normal. Until such time as the groom and the bride entered the room with crowns on their heads. The groom asked his mother to talk into the microphone that she particularly likes, then he turned with the same request to all those present.

“In the beginning, we stood to listen to the national anthem,” said one user Andromeda321 ceremony, noting that everyone present thought it was strange. And Samhamwitch remembered as the bride was drinking heavily and flirting with other guys while the groom was sitting on the ground with the kind of loser person. The failure lay in wait for the couple who invited to the wedding of the user Strangerdanger8812: she invited all friends on Facebook, a total of 700 people, but the ceremony was no more than a hundred persons.

Earlier in June, Reddit users have listed the phrase, which they uttered at the most inopportune moment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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