It became known about the possible disappearance of antibodies to the coronavirus after two months


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Developed after infection with coronavirus antibodies may disappear from the body after only two months. To such conclusion scientists of the Chinese. Their study leads to ABC News.

The authors of a scientific paper has compared the immune response more than 70 people who have had the infection. It turned out that 40 percent of those who have the disease is asymptomatic, and 13 percent of those who noticed the presence of the virus, lost antibodies. Such data, scientists believe, suggests that humans produce different degrees of protection from coronavirus, and duration of immunity to it yet to be explored in more detail.

The authors, citing the results of their study, caution that those who had COVID-19 it is impossible to give “immune passport” and be allowed to travel or to go back to work. They argue that the presence of antibodies does not mean “immunity to reinfection”.

Earlier in June, the American and Chinese scientists came to the conclusion that people may never develop antibodies to the coronavirus, because in some cases they disappear after the patient’s recovery. Experts came to this conclusion by studying the emergence of immunity in health care workers of Wuhan city, has become a hotbed of coronavirus. The doctors were in direct contact with the infected patients in the early stages of outbreaks. It turned out that at least a quarter of the 23 studied thousands of doctors have been infected with coronavirus, but only 4% developed antibodies.

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