Kolesnikov saw the beating of a man in red square 15 minutes before the parade


www.vsyako.netPhoto: 112

The journalist Andrey Kolesnikov became the witness of incident on red square before the start of the Victory Parade. About this he wrote in the newspaper “Kommersant”.

He said that around 09:45 GMT, he heard a noise and shouts at the Church from Nikolskaya street. “Then there is someone, it seems, bill. Then he twisted my arms and quickly, almost running led from the Church somewhere,” said he.

Kolesnikov said that all who managed to see the incident, did not understand what was happening.

As previously reported, the military staged a provocation due to the fact that he was transferred to the reserve and he was unable to participate in the Grand review. The reason the soldier was suspended, not called. We only know what he was yelling about the hatred of the FSB.

In fact the incident a criminal case. According to the Telegram-channel “112”, the assailant is a native of Kaluga, he had a weakness for alcohol.

Later in his explanatory note, the soldier wrote that he felt like it “is irradiated from standing next to the car”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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