Lost missing people uncovered the true reasons for his disappearance


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People said that in the past were missing, but the true reason of their disappearance was unusual and often associated with a lack of understanding. Their stories they revealed in the comments on the Reddit post under the nickname OneHundredForcer.

According to gingeronimoo, he had a serious mental illness, which after some time he was homeless, wandering the streets. Relatives tried to find him and even created a special page in the social network Facebook. The man said that several times he was detained by police, including sleeping on a bench in the Park. “A couple of years as not homeless. Live with a roommate. Come on reception to the doctor every month. Life is quite good,” he said.

User vadermaybelater remembered that decided to leave the family when he was about 19 years old. A couple of years he was away from his native city, but in the end decided to return. He came home and heard the story that he allegedly killed in an accident. According to him, the deceased was the namesake, but nobody was to make sure that it was him.

The user Shroomtune ran away from home a child of 10 years. Together with a friend, they went to the bike in another state of the United States and a week living under a bridge. He explained that he was rather glad to be back in the family, but the parents of his friend was more strict, and his friend is severely punished for such an act.

Have strengr had been a misunderstanding. According to the user, even in the 1980s, he regularly went Hiking and he didn’t have any means of communication. “I was informed about the plans of his mother and she even went with me to the store for supplies”, — he said. However, after returning from a hike that lasted a week, he saw his photo on TV. It turned out that the mother was mistaken and thought that the hike will take place next week. So she called the police, believing him to be missing.

Earlier, the heroine of the viral video by the name of Charles that sang to the security guard that because of her arrest, he will lose his job, told how the video changed her life. The woman was able to return to the family, and has earned more than 50 thousand dollars using the Gofundme platform.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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