Named the best city in the world for udalenka



In the company Carphone Warehouse has called the world’s best cities for freelancers and those who work on remote. The rating was headed by Austin (Texas, USA), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Berlin, Barcelona (Spain) and Melbourne (Australia). This writes HRnews.

In compiling the list took into account such indicators as employment rate, average wage, number of co-working spaces, Internet speed, the cost of living, availability of entertainment, the average rent for housing, health care and others.

Next in the top ten go Toulouse (France), Montreal (Canada), Dubai (UAE), Medellin (Colombia) and Oslo (Norway). Also, the ratings were Auckland (New Zealand), Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London and tel Aviv (Israel).

However, none of these towns is not conventionally perfect for working remotely. For example, the leader of the list — American Austin was ranked first because of its high average salary per month (4.6 thousand dollars, or about 320 thousand) and quality of life. However, there is not enough coworking for all remote workers, and rental property is expensive.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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