Poland gave Russia a participant in the criminal wars 90-ies


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Telegram-channel “Honest detective”

Poland has extradited to Russia an accused in the murder of Vyacheslav Iskindirova involved in criminal wars 90-ies. About it “lente.ru” has informed the official representative of the Prosecutor General Andrey Ivanov.

According to investigators, in 1997, the Krasnoyarsk territory, a struggle for spheres of influence between criminal groups headed by Anatoliy Artyushkova (Artyshock) and Vilora by Stroganovy (light chasers), who decided to eliminate a rival. Killers of Iskenderov and Alexander Queen 21 July 1997 Arturka shot in the Parking lot in Krasnoyarsk.

Hiding from the investigation Iskindirova in January 2018 was detained in Poland. Russia has sent a request for his extradition, giving the Polish side a significant amount of evidence proving the guilt of its citizens.

In may 2020, it was decided to issue Iskindirova the Russian authorities.

REN TV showed a video with the delivery of the accused.

The footage seen a machine of the Federal service of execution of punishments of Russia, which brought the defendant in the case. Man inspect and check the documents.

Currently Iskenderov quarantined in compliance with all security measures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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